We are doing a "second round" of artist submissions that will go from Nov 1 thru  Nov 30.

We are doing a "second round" of artist submissions that will go from Nov 1 thru  Nov 30.

Large Sailboats

75 four foot sculptures
(#1 – 75 on sailboat map)

Small Sailboats

75 two foot sculptures
(#75-150 on
sailboat map.)

150 Sails Up Project

150 Sails Up

“150 Sails Up in DL” is a regional public art project in celebration of Detroit Lakes’ 150th anniversary. We have 150 one-of-a-kind sailboat sculptures adorned with artwork from almost 100 regional artists.

The sailboat sculpture was designed by local artist Hans Gilsdorf. His design was made into steel sculptures thanks to the skills and generosity of BTD (www.btdmfg.com) – with 75 large 4’ sailboats and 75 smaller 20” sailboats, we have 150 works of art on public display throughout the community – indoors and out – for you to find and enjoy.

[PLEASE NOTE: Sailboats are currently being distributed and should be in place for public viewing before Memorial Weekend. A map of the sailboat locations will be available here online and also in paper format at sailboat locations in the near future. Stay tuned and check our Facebook page www.facebook.com/150SailsUp for updates and more information.]

The goal of 150 Sails Up in DL is to provide a win-win-win experience in Detroit Lakes during our sesquicentennial celebration – and for many years to come:

•   a WIN for regional artists being able to showcase their artwork publicly and network with the community.

•   a WIN for area businesses and organizations being able to show case their location as people explore DL.

•   a WIN for our community as we celebrate our milestone birthday, but also as a fundraiser for future public art. 

All of the large sailboats are sponsored, but we do have several small sailboats available for purchase*, as well as several that will be available by online auction* in conjunction with the sesquicentennial celebrations throughout the year. *

ALL sailboats must remain on public display at their designated locations through 2021. After that, buyers can take possession and move them, although we hope to keep as many as possible on public display and update our maps.

The sailboats available for purchase are called our “Retail Sails” and are on display at businesses downtown. Click the “Purchase Sailboats” link to view them and make a purchase.

For the sailboats that will be available via online auction,click the “Auction Sailboats” link to view them and the timing of their online auctions.
Sailboat Map


Retail Sails available for Purchase!

Purchase Sailboats

Sailboats available by
(Coming Soon)